Sonntagsgefühl – Telekom Towers Munich

Some month ago I went out for a nice sunday afternoon/evening experience in Munich. There is a party called „sonntagsgefühl„. I think they start at 10 in the morning until 10 at night. Unfortunately they have no more parties this year, so we have to be patient and wait till next summer 🙂 . They play electonic music and you can relax and hang out with your friends. When I went to this event the second time it was located in the Telekom Towers in Munich. Or lets be more concrete – on the top of one of them. Nice view over Munich, you could even see the Alps.



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Summer’s Summary – Buchenegger Waterfalls

It was one of these really hot weekends, thus a friend of mine and I decided to got to the Alps and do some hiking. We chose the Buchenegger Waterfalls as destination. They are quite hidden, you need to find the small street leading to the parking lot. After we reached the waterfalls we continued our trip to walk kind of a big circle. It was a really nice day trip I can highly recommend to you!


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In case you are interested in art I can highly recommend to you to go to Munich. There is an Andy Warhol exhibition at the museum Brandhorst!


I first had a look at the wohle exhibition on my own and then I took part in an english guided tour. For more information klick here.

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Summer’s Summary – Part 1

Hey everybody! Finally I’m back! 🙂
Today I’ll tell you what I did in the first week of my summer holidays.
I went to Bolzano to visit a very good friend of mine.
She lives up the mountain in Col di Villa, thus we had a great view and thanks to the wind the 30°C were still quite pleasurable. (Normally I prefer much cooler temperatures)

I guess I can make you pretty jealous with this stunning view 😉


By the way,  the cable car from Bolzano to Col di Villa was the first cable car for people transportation in the world!  It was opened in  1908.


It was a girls reunion so we decided to simply do things we like (e.g. shopping 😉 ) and other „girls stuff“. So I ended up with a lovely pair of new shoes…


… and a new hairstyle.


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