the City part 2

 After we continued walking we managed to find the old university. It is a very beautiful old and elegant building.



I like that door


this is the view in direction to the Cathedral on “Cathedral Island“


I really love this bridge, also it is not the first one full of locks I’ve seen.


but this one is extremely full already

for those of you who aren’t familiar with this „tradition“ I will explain it

you buy a lock (or you have an old one) and than you engrave your and your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name, or the one of your best friend, or whatever

after that you lock it around a part of the bridge and then you throw the keys into the water,…


there is still the tradition that every evening a man does his circult and lights every single lantern on this island. He is also wearing a special old uniform; perhaps I will manage to be there and take a picture,…

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