Time to get to know the city

Because we messed up the date of our polish course we arrived already at the 5th of September in Wroclaw. It was planned to have five days together with my mum and her friend to search for a flat and to get to know a bit of Wroclaw.

On Thursday we walked through the city. We climbed up the tower of a church and had a wonderful view over most of Wroclaw


this is “Rynek“ ( = circle ) and the „Ratusz“ ( = town hall )


Not only the view was great but also the architecture


here you can see the “Odra“ and some little islands

the long, yellow building next to the river is the old university


this is an cute little courtyard we found during our walk


it turned out that it was the former prison,…

I guess the foregoing inmates did’t liked it that much

and then my mum wanted to take some pictures,…


actually this is the best one of about 10 tries 😉

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