Summer’s Summary – Part 1

Hey everybody! Finally I’m back! 🙂
Today I’ll tell you what I did in the first week of my summer holidays.
I went to Bolzano to visit a very good friend of mine.
She lives up the mountain in Col di Villa, thus we had a great view and thanks to the wind the 30°C were still quite pleasurable. (Normally I prefer much cooler temperatures)

I guess I can make you pretty jealous with this stunning view 😉


By the way,  the cable car from Bolzano to Col di Villa was the first cable car for people transportation in the world!  It was opened in  1908.


It was a girls reunion so we decided to simply do things we like (e.g. shopping 😉 ) and other „girls stuff“. So I ended up with a lovely pair of new shoes…


… and a new hairstyle.


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