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keep a warm head…..

Finally it is cold enough outside, so I can wear my really warm and fluffy fur hat. Even so it was cold enough a month ago, it was the wrong feeling without snow… But now, everything is perfect 😉 ______________________________________________________________

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People # 17 – Amelie

My flash did not work properly. Nevertheless I really like the results of this afternoon. 🙂 Mein Blitz hat leider nicht so funktioniert wie ich das wollte. Trotzdem finde ich die Ergebnisse von unserem Nachmittag sehr schön. 🙂 ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

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Most of my pictures show me serious. I don’t know why, but either I’m laughing out loud or not at all. So for today: laughing laughing out loud and …???  who knows  😀  

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